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lunes, septiembre 19, 2005

Maltese dreams

Mystery emanates from her eyes,
sharp looking has the glance
As a mermaid's song I hear her voice,
A maltese name flames in my heart.

I wanna hold you in my arms,
Just a long hug against my chest,
Rest little bird you are safe in my hand.
Suddenly you turn to be falling sand,
clockwise, finishing the count.

Oh, Chronos, how you dare?
Torturing me between us
Spreading out the veil of time,
Oh, another unattainable love.
Yet another ageless tragedy.

Two souls reflecting on the ice,
A hand over the glass of time,
Trying to reach your skin.
No matter what I try,
You are far away from me.
At least you can hear me dear,
There is something you should know
Is that I was never born.

19/9/05 18:42
(Under correction...)