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lunes, septiembre 12, 2005

Deep Hollowness of the Mankind

Black ducks rotting on the shore,
A dark shine,
A thin layer of no light covering my face.
Rage rampage to the sky.

I open my mouth but no sound comes out.
suffocating sensations blows me high.
Viscous liquids flows down from their hands.

Deep roots drilling down the hill,
I have never watered it,
No fruits hangs from the tree,
Maybe it is quite late for me.

Mama, mama, are you there?
Nobody seems to love,
Papa, papa, are you there?
Hope is gone alone.
Love, love, are you there?
Have I ever met you before?



Blogger . said...

Vaya, vaya, vaya... No tenía esa faceta surrealista suya. Me gustó.
Además de mi inevitable envidia porque nunca fui capaz de escribir algo decente en inglés. (Llanto)

10:14 p. m.  

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